Tuesday, August 26, 2008

$600 Billion so far, another $10 billion every month, 4,200 dead Americans

And we don't even get to fully exploit Dick Cheney's Oil?!!!

Iraq is on the verge of reviving an 11-year-old contract with China worth $1.2 billion, its largest oil deal since the invasion in 2003, an Oil Ministry official said Tuesday...

The article makes plain that the current Iraqi government is falling back and honoring Saddam's old oil contracts (which obviously didn't include the United States).

Cheney isn't just a monster, he's an incredibly incompetent monster. All those billions and all those deaths, and China, Russia, India, and Vietnam (wasn't John McCain there for five and a half years? I'm not sure yet) are the main beneficiaries. You'd think we'd at least get to exploit our colony, rather than fuck up so very thoroughly.

[Via TPM Cafe]

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