Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fourniercation Under Contrived Keyboarding

Well, not terribly surprisingly -- unless you were a paid television pundit -- Hillary Clinton gave a full-throated speech endorsing Barack Obama. Not some tepid declaration, but a whole-hearted sincere endorsement of Obama and a ringing denunciation of the Maverick Sidekick.

What's a not very well-hidden McCain campaign operative to do about this?

Ron Fournier knows...

For one evening, their political world was perfect. Or so it seemed.

Standing before thousands of delegates, almost half of them her backers, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton declared it time "to unite as a single party with a single purpose" and urged her followers to help elect once-bitter rival Barack Obama. "We are on the same team," she said, after allowing the applause to build to a crescendo and linger, longer than usual — much like the Democratic primary race itself.

"Barack Obama is my candidate," she said. "And he must be our president."

But did she mean it?

Of course, not long ago Ron Fournier kissed Karl Rove's ample behind while the latter blatantly lied about the death of Pat Tillman and Fournier attempted to land a job with the McCain campaign, a campaign he has YET to write one critical piece about (his only negative GOP piece this year was a piece criticizing Romney so as to praise McCain). I'm sure Fournier would claim this is not reflected in how he operates as an alleged "journalist". Watch his pieces on the Republican Convention closely next week...and feel the love and the sprinkles.

And we know he doesn't mean it.

So keep up the protests of Fournier's partisan hackery. It is starting to be noticed. And there are signs, the AP is paying the price.

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