Thursday, August 28, 2008

Not Live-Blogging "Project Runway"

I was busy last night, so I didn't get to live-blog "Project Runway," but I did want to share a "PR"-related anecdote with you (and say that I'm pleased that Keith got the boot).

On Tuesday night, pal Sexy Pixie (henceforth, "SP") and I went to Barnes & Noble Tribeca to see Nina Garcia move some books. One of my Atriot pals calls Nina "Meana," but I have to tell you that I found Nina quite charming and even prettier in real life than she is on "PR". She wore a basic black dress by Top American Designer Michael Kors™ , a pair of fierce 5" platform stilettos, and some kick-ass highlights. Speaking of which, highlight of the evening was Nina complimenting SP on her blouse, a little white ruffled Diane von Furstenberg number.

Question from the audience: "What fashion trend does Nina hate?" Crocs. Can't say I blame her.

P.S. to the woman in the front row who asked about Nina's "editor at large" gig: you're a jerk.

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