Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What Hillary Needs to Do™

No lists today, but rather, a suggestion for the opening salvo of HRC's speech to the DNC tonight. Feel free to crib at will, Team HRC!

Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Tonight I'd like to talk to you about a woman scorned. A powerful, fierce, tenacious woman of substance who was taken for granted, disregarded, and disrespected ... passed over if you will. A woman who only grew more ferocious and determined as she was ignored, and who, in the end, demanded her place at the table -- and wreaked havoc in the process.

That woman's name was "Katrina", my fellow Americans, and she was -- and remains -- a literal expression of and a metaphor for the colossal failures of the Republican party, its leader, George W. Bush, and his political soul-mate and would-be successor, John McCain.

Then Hillary uses Hurricane Katrina as a jumping-off point to open a giant can of whup-ass on George W. Bush, John McCain, and thirty years of Republican party failures, bringing the house down and becoming the hero of the convention in the process.

Feel free to continue the speech in comments, people.

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