Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Live-Blogging "Project Runway"

Before "PR" gets going I have a clothing-related anecdote to relate. Tonight, on Sullivan between West 3rd and Bleeker, catty corner from V Bar, where pal J and I met for a pre-"PR" cocktail, I saw a guy changing his clothes on the sidewalk: not some homeless guy, either, but rather, a plain vanilla 30-something dude who looked like he could have come from his Wall Street gig. He was standing in front of a doorway in his work clothes when he switched his trousers for shorts, revealing his patterned boxers in the process. Excuse me, but when did it become acceptable to drop trou in the middle of the street? Okay, onto the show ...

9:02: Hey, it's nice to see Chris March, even in his Viking get-up. Unfortunately, I don't see the drag queen who gave me the ambush makeover last new year's eve.

9:03: Holy Crap!™ You can say "big titted" on Bravo?

9:06: So who is the Laura Bennett of this group (i.e., the most tasteful)? I see whoever that is having big problems here. As Surfer Boy has no taste, something tells me he will survive this challenge, which is unfortunate.

9:07: Hmmm...maybe Stelluh is in huh element here.

9:18: Has res mentioned that res does not like Suede and that res thinks that Suede putting lettuce on Hedda Lettuce's dress is sort of freaking obvious?

9:20: Jesus! Where have I been? You can say "titties" on TV? When did this happen?

9:21: I actually think these fittings have got to be difficult. How can the designers envision how the garments will look when these drag queens are glammed up, i.e., with full make-up and hair? A dress on a guy looks like, well, a dress on a guy.

9:22: res told Suede that Hedda Lettuce's getup was a tad obvious, did res not? Hedda Lettuce is not pleased.

9:28: Good grief, does Surfer Boy get that Tim thinks that his garment stinks?

9:29: Hmmm, Keith's might be too boring rather than too tasteful. The problem is the color, I think. Too dull for drag queens.

9:33: res thinks that Suede and Hedda Lettuce just had the "Come to Jesus" talk.

9:39: Okay, everybody runway!

9:40: Kenley: okay, but the colors are dull. Surfer Boy: silly, but Top American Designer Michael Kors™ seems pleased. Stella's girl looks great. Hmmm...res thinks Hedda Lettuce may not love Suede's get-up, but she's working it just the same. Daniel: dress is not very drag-queeney. Damn! Teri went to town (although the thing is a bit all over the place). Keith's girl looks sort of scary. Eek! What the heck is that thing Leanne made?

9:43: Leanne made it? Weird. I'm thinking Daniel is going to get the hook tonight. His dress is boring and he's not great TV.

9:45: The judges are giving Jerrell a tough time, but I don't think he's going to get the boot. Keith's Toilet Paper II outfit is far worse.

9:48: This isn't the first time Daniel hasn't done the assignment. I think he's out.

9:51: I think this is Joe's night.

9:56: And I was right! Joe wins.

9:57: Right again! Sullen Daniel and his "impeccable" taste go home. Knee-nah G. and Top American Designer Michael Kors™ were right. Daniel always rejected criticism and that's why he never learned. This isn't "Seinfeld" Daniel (i.e., no hugging/no learning) you've got to air kiss and hug and you've got to digest the wisdom of Knee-nah and Kors, otherwise, it's Auf wiedersehn!

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