Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Desperate Bleating from Unrequited Lovers of the Dry Rub

This is simply a sad reflection of the times. Rather than be angry and blunt in reporting McCain's repeated snubs as he tosses out multiple slanders each day, his press pool does this:
Reporters traveling with John McCain are slightly miffed that the senator hasn't had any face time with them in, well, a month and three days (but who's counting?). So, when Straight Talk Air departed Tampa today, a dozen reporters chanted, "Bring Mac back! Bring Mac back!" (Some reporters expressed concern that chanting at takeoff could be against FAA regulations. Others joked that they could be taken away by the Secret Service agents on board.) The chanting lasted under a minute as staffers in the business cabin smiled and then promptly closed the curtain between business and coach.
When are we going to see Michael Scherer or Howard Fineman standing on the tarmac before the plane leaves playing Peter Gabriel loud enough for even "the Maverick" and his calcified tympanum to hear?

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