Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Batting Practice

From Holden at First Draft via Portal Pulpit comes this picture that for lack of a better expression (those are wasted on the pictures themselves) is to captioning, what an 80 mile an hour fastball down the middle of the plate is to "flaxseed-oiled" Barry Bonds:

Let's see, 90 Seconds what I can come up with:


"Ambidextrous George, able to be pitcher and catcher simultaneously"

"Mission Accomplished, I'll SAY!"

"Triple Sexpresso"

"It's not the size of the boat, it's the motion of that giant-assed ship behind me"

"Now THIS is a Man-Date!"

"When I said I wanted blow, that is not what I meant"

"Now this is the kind of Mr. Salty YOU can choke on"

"The Insurgents...are in my pants"

Whew, feel the burn.

Go ahead and add your own.

UPDATE: A commenter at First Draft with the unique name of "anonymous" had one I wish I had thought of, because it is so good and obvious I'm ashamed I missed it.

"Need some wood?"

My snark deposit sloshes toward thee.

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