Friday, December 01, 2006

Well, it is one the topics of the week

So how about a little musical salute to Mitt Romney's undergarments?
(to the tune of "Walking in our Winter Underwear)

Doorbells ring - in the mornin’? It's our "Mission" for Implorin'.
That Mitt's Number One for replacin' God's son!
Presidin' in his Mormon Underwear.

He's good lookin' there's no denying, for his pants K-Lo's tryin'.
But he's purer than Christ, and at least twice as nice!

Posin' in his Mormon underwear.

On FoxNews Sean can build us a strawman,
then pretend that Mormons are okay.
People will say, "Yeah, but they're all freaks, man!"
Hey at least the Mormons aren't gay.

Later on, we’ll conspire as we dream by the fire.

As snug as a bug in an Osmond girl's rug!
Touchin’ Mitt's open Mormon underwear.

Fez-tip to Watertiger for her help with the flow of the tune.

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