Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Beginning of the End

I have been watching the dispatched from the Libby trial, not as closely as I would like due mostly to life responsibilities, but through the witnesses that have testified it seems to me Libby is in a WORLD of hurt. So what gives? Libby didn't take this turd to trial not knowing the risks and knowing that he didn't undertake this operation on his own, he could have easily taken a dump all over his boss or any of the other slimes that he worked with in the West Wing. But he didn't. He is expecting a pardon but he may have miscalculated how fast things are unraveling--so fast his helpers may be gone before the last day in the white house pardon list is issued. We'll see, but I am taking great pleasure in seeing the beginning of the end. Oh, and I agree completely with the analysis of Steve Gilliard.

Even without the Libby trial, and I csn't imagine him keeping his job if he testifies, Cheney is a very sick man He has fallen asleep in public. Part of his dogmatic nature is due to his ill health. He is on at least 10 different drugs for his heart and related illnesses.

It is a shock he has lasted this long.

However, if Cheney goes, Bush will be soon to follow. He has been his buffer.

If Cheney is eased out, be sure that health will be the cover.

I think when people start investigating, the conspiracy to hide Cheney's health problems will stun them.

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