Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Other White Bleat

For the Kagan family, military history is something to be written about as if it were a giant Risk game, as opposed to actual people losing actual lives. Today, the other Neo-Con war freak Robert gets a place in the Washington Post (along with Dinesh D'Souza -- what a fucking twofer!). It was THIS Kagan that gave Joe Lieberman the laughable moniker of "The Last Honest Man".

Kagan, who hasn't gotten his bulk by eating MRE's writes:

In Iraq, American soldiers are finally beginning the hard job of establishing a measure of peace, security and order in critical sections of Baghdad -- the essential prerequisite for the lasting political solution everyone claims to want.

Because the past, nearly four years, have been a vacation.

I'm sure that "BOB" foresaw such difficulties...

January 1998, after missile strikes on suspected Iraqi WMD sites, Kagan with a co-Author (who's this Bill Kristol fella?) wrote:

He has survived them before, and he is confident he can survive them again. They will not succeed in forcing him to abandon his efforts to obtain weapons of mass destruction. The only way to remove the threat of those weapons is to remove him, and that means using air power and ground forces, and finishing the task left undone in 1991.

We can do this job. Mr. Hussein's army is much weaker than before the Persian Gulf war. He has no political support beyond his own bodyguards and generals. An effective military campaign combined with a political strategy to support the broad opposition forces in Iraq could well bring his regime down faster than many imagine. And Iraq's Arab neighbors are more likely to support a military effort to remove him than an ineffectual bombing raid that leaves a dangerous man in power.

Does the United States really have to bear this burden? Yes. Unless we act, Saddam Hussein will prevail, the Middle East will be destabilized, other aggressors around the world will follow his example, and American soldiers will have to pay a far heavier price when the international peace sustained by American leadership begins to collapse.

Oh look and it's from the Project for a New American Century. They've never been wrong about ANYTHING!

Why should anyone listen to him now?

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