Friday, September 14, 2007

It Never Ends ...

I see from the smartypants-es at Sadly, No! that I'll need to add one Alicia Colon to The Neverending Wingnut Harpy Conga Line™. As Old Alicia appears to fall into the "Minor Wingnut" Category she brings up the rear for the time being. Let's see if she does anything to distinguish herself from the shrieking freaks ahead of her.

The Line™ as it stands:
  1. Peggy Noonan (gotta let the old fart grande dame lead up the line, right?)
  2. Kate Ole 60 Grit O'Beirne (co-leader with Nutter Noonan)
  3. Phyllis Schlafly (mother(fucker) of them all)
  4. Lynne Cheney
  5. Barbara Comstock
  6. Mona Charen
  7. Barbara Olsen (added post-humously)
  8. Mary Matalin
  9. Coulter
  10. Michelle Madingaling Malkin
  11. Ann BanAlthouse
  12. Laura Ingraham
  13. Kathleen Parker
  14. K-Lo
  15. Pamela "Atlas Shrugs Please Look at My Jugs" Oshry
  16. Debbie Schlussel
  17. Liz Cheney
  18. Laura Schlessinger
  19. Marie Jon
  20. Karen Hughes
  21. Melanie Morgan
  22. Megan Cox Gurdon
  23. Monica Crowley
  24. Bay Buchanan
  25. Mary Katherine Ham
  26. Amanda Carpenter
  27. Karen Hanratty
  28. Danielle Crittenden (h/t Worst.President.Ever.)
  29. Barbara Amiel (h/t Worst.President.Ever.)
  30. Cokie Roberts (h/t Mister Hedley Bowes)
  31. Kimberly Kagan (h/t Dan F.)
  32. Alicia Colon
Please feel free to identify others in comments.

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