Thursday, September 13, 2007

Oh, that's reason enough to trust him

Petraeus thinks he's Eisenhower (only without the success -- and in 1945 Ike had NO intention of ever being President -- and you think for one second Eisenhower would have thought Iraq a good idea?):

The US commander in Iraq, General David Petraeus, expressed long-term interest in running for the US presidency when he was stationed in Baghdad, according to a senior Iraqi official who knew him at that time.

Sabah Khadim, then a senior adviser at Iraq's Interior Ministry, says General Petraeus discussed with him his ambition when the general was head of training and recruitment of the Iraqi army in 2004-05.

"I asked him if he was planning to run in 2008 and he said, 'No, that would be too soon'," Mr Khadim, who now lives in London, said....

For a soldier whose military abilities and experience are so lauded by the White House, General Petraeus has had a surprisingly controversial career in Iraq. His critics hold him at least partly responsible for three debacles: the capture of Mosul by the insurgents in 2004; the failure to train an effective Iraqi army and the theft of the entire Iraqi arms procurement budget in 2004-05.

Ah, the man riding the White Horse (and that's not just a metaphor for shagging Peggy Noonan) the GOP dream candidate. Hard to imagine a person with such ambition would call his operation a failure isn't it?

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