Monday, July 11, 2011

“What can I say? I’m not very bright”

Over the last week a pair of Republicans Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum ran into trouble over signing a pledge drafted by a far-right Iowa group to outlaw such things as gay people, pornography and the 13th Amendment.

When confronted with this Santorum had a rather novel answer.

"When I first read it, I was taken aback by it. I can't argue that I wasn't," Santorum told CNN's Candy Crowley.


"But I understand why they're saying it, because it does undermine people's respect for the institution, respect for the people governing this country. If you can't be faithful to the people that you're closest to, then how can we count on you to be faithful to those of us who you represent?"

So in other words, "What they wrote was awful, but what the hey? I'll sign it anyway, because that's the frosty mix of excrement that Rick Santorum stands for".


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StonyPillow said...

Couldn’t say he didn’t read it. That would have left a stain.

jimmiraybob said...

Benen - “The Marriage Vow,” but one of the more striking issues is the fact that it makes the case that slavery was bad for African-American families, but at least the children of slaves grew up in two-parent households."

These uber-religious zealots are just so damned and profoundly ignorant that at times I become speechless. And these are the people that want to guide our world. My contempt over floweth.

But then they triple down:

“After careful deliberation and wise insight and input from valued colleagues we deeply respect, we agree that the statement referencing children born into slavery can be misconstrued,” said Julie Summa, a spokeswoman for the Family Leader.


Morons. Complete morons. Complete.

pansypoo said...

ahh, the gift of the stupids.