Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Go Figure

If you come out with even something moderately progressive AND actually fight for it, it is not only good policy it is good politics. IF ONLY WE ANGRY LEFTWING BLOGGERS HAD THOUGHT OF THIS BEFORE?!!!!
Barack Obama has jumped to a 15-point lead over the Republicans in Congress in trust to handle job creation, a sign the beleaguered president’s $450 billion jobs package has hit its mark in public opinion. Fifty-two percent support the plan – and most say it just might work. Overall approval of the U.S. Congress, meanwhile, has dropped to its lowest in polls back to the mid-1970s. And of the eight in 10 Americans who are dissatisfied with the way the country’s political system is working, more blame the Republicans in Washington than the president. A month ago, Americans divided evenly, 40-40 percent, on whom they trusted more to handle job creation, Obama or the congressional Republicans. Now, after his jobs proposal and ongoing promotion of his plan, it’s 49-34 percent, Obama’s first significant advantage over the GOP on jobs in ABC/Post polling since early 2010.
It helps that even in an environment where the media establish bends over backwards, if not well more than that, to let the GOP argue things like "muslims=bad" "world=flat" "God=Angry" that they are wedded to doing AB-SO-FUC-KING-LUTE-LY-NO-THING about unemployment except make it worse and blame Obama, even the media has caught on to that.


Raoul Paste said...

So what happens? Naturally, the Congressional Democrats are re-writing the Jobs Bill.

Its just the kind of ineffectual disarray we've come to expect.

pansypoo said...

there is something in DC water.

if the media clings to publikkklans, like they cling to the teabags, it just might bite them in the ass.