Sunday, January 15, 2012

What Digby said

This is why she's the best (with a notable assist of Kevin Drum).

The murder rate is down and continues to drop and the traditional analysis of both left and right do not explain it.

But a more unexpected progressive policy on environmental laws may just be why.

Less lead (and not for the reasons you'd think...i.e. bullets) less violence.

[UPDATE: Actually as noted in comments a little elementary oversight on my part would have revealed while this was at Digby's blog it was actually written by David Atkins]


Anonymous said...

A great read, and a very novel and compelling theory.

Anonymous said...

Post is by David Atkins (thereisnospoon).

StonyPillow said...

David Atkins' argument about liberalism and force is extremely useful to the reactionaries. It's practically a caricature of their own talking points. And he just won't let it go.

Years from now, Republicans will still be quoting Atkins' argument as their justification for ruining the world.

I'm glad for the ongoing discussion at Hullabaloo about this issue. He's fundamentally wrong on this one.

Thanks for the gumball, Dave.

pansypoo said...

no onama ´effect?

Anonymous said...

...and conservative Rethuglicans will say the drop is because of concealed-carry laws. If they are ever challenged on this. A BIG "if".