Saturday, June 01, 2013

And just who is the government for?

Now THIS is the way our political class...especially the Right...wants things to work.

Walmart wages are so low that many of its workers rely on food stamps and other government aid programs to fulfill their basic needs, a reality that could cost taxpayers as much as $900,000 at just one Walmart Supercenter in Wisconsin, according to a study released by Congressional Democrats on Thursday.

Though the study assumes that most workers who qualify for the public assistance programs do take advantage of them, it injects a potent data point into a national debate about the minimum wage at a time when many Walmart and fast food workers are mounting strikes in pursuit of higher wages.

So not only are their employees suffering, not only do those who lose their jobs because of Wal-Mart suffer, but EVERYBODY SUFFERS.

Well, not everybody.
The Walton family, heirs to the founders of the Wal-Mart Stores Inc. superchain, are worth nearly as much as the bottom half of American households combined.

The Waltons' value -- $89.5 billion in 2010 – is equal to the worth of the 41.5% of families at the lower end of the income ladder, according to an analysis by Josh Bivens of the Economic Policy Institute. That comes out to 48.8 million households.


Raoul Paste said...

I've watched the patrons of a local Krogers steadily grow more poor, desperate, and unhealthy. The whole vibe of that grocery store (which is covered in American flags) has changed.

pansypoo said...

walmar sucks off the makers as well.

roll out the IRS even if we can't legally squeeze another fucking penny. i'd rather roll out the guillotine.

feralcrj said...

when most of the populace is shown by employer, government and media to be worthless (literally) compared to the ever more removed and shallow rich, when people are working poor, working 55 to 65 hrs a week just to feed, shelter and clothe their families, have no time to read, to play, to enjoy living, you get some really ugly consequences. "the system is designed to get the output it gets. to change the output, change the system."

the most reasonable and honest and just way to change a system is to shed light on it and have the media and keeping the government honest. that presupposes an honest media with a thirst for facts and eyes that see reality, and humanity in their souls.

we're doomed.