Monday, October 24, 2005

An Evening with the Ledeens -- Episode II -- Simone's New Career

Evening in the Ledeen household. Michael is sitting and reading "War Against the Terror Masters" by Michael Ledeen.

Michael: (speaking out loud to himself) Man, I tell you. This is easily the best book I've ever read. Good thing its available at Amazon.Com.

(Simone enters through the front door)

Simone: Hello Daddy.

Michael: Evening Simone. How goes the job?

Simone: Fine dad. All the people at the Heritage Foundation are nice and all. But you know there just doesn't seem to be quite enough zeal.

Michael: Oh, kitten, how so?

Simone: Well, pop, today at Lunch I was talking about the situation in Iran and Syria and how the secular baathists were the same thing as the Islamic theocrats and that old Ed Meese guy came up and told me that before we get after those countries we first have to emphasize how we have to finish our job of constant victory in Iraq. Oh, it made me pretty mad. Almost like that time that Rich Lowry told me he wasn't that into women.

Michael: Rich Lowry is gay?

Simone: Well, I don't know dad, but I believe he is, as defined in all applicable parody laws.

Michael: I wouldn't let Ed Meese get you too down dear. He has a busy life scrutizing porn each hour of the day. That can really leave you chafed and rather bitter.

Simone: Funny, it never seemed to have affected Ralph Reed any?

: Now dear, that is a different kind of pornography all together. I wouldn't go drawing too broad an analogy on so little facts. Unless it is about muslims.

Simone: Sorry, you are right. Very right. Anyhow, dad, it's frustrating. I feel like I am spinning my wheels at the Heritage Foundation. I once maladministered hundreds of millions of dollars in Iraq. Until I remember where that hole I buried a lot of that money is, I really need something challenging.

: Well, what were you thinking of dear? Would you like to come to the American Enterprise Institute with your old man?

Simone: Well, that Harriet Miers thing is not going all that well. I was thinking maybe I could get on the United States Supreme Court?

Michael: Simone, you are not even a lawyer though?

Simone: Oh, dad. You know I've seen many of the Law & Orders on television. I've see the original and a few episodes of "Special Victims Unit". And I also never miss an episode of CSI.

Michael: CSI?

Simone: It has to do with cool stuff, just like the Supreme Court.

Michael: Okay, but still I think they are big on putting pretty much only lawyers on the Supreme Court.

Simone: Well, can't that be fixed?

Michael: Well, I do know a guy who could make you a diploma.

Simone: Great. Make sure he makes it all Harvardy and stuff.

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