Thursday, October 27, 2005

Evening with the Ledeens -- Episode III -- An "AWESOME" Resume

On the riveting and barely read Episode II of "Evening with the Ledeens" Simone laid out to her father Michael that she wished to be the next nominee for the United States Supreme Court. But Simone lacked one key and important item, a Law Degree. As we join tonight's episode Simone and Michael have taken steps to correct this problem. We join the Ledeen's as they wait in the reception area of the office of White House office of Chief of Staff Andrew Card.

Simone: (whispering) Gee Dad, that was strange how you got us into the White House so quickly, without a long hastle and all.

Michael: (also whispering) AIPAC hand signal Simone, good in all places involving high-level National Security Matters be it Washington or Tel Aviv. Trust me though, not so handy in Damascus.

Simone: It looked familiar.

Michael: Yes, same hand signal as the Vulcan live long an prosper deal on Star Trek. We're all big fans. Man you should have seen Larry Franklin dressed up as an Andorian ambassador; you haven't seen sexy until you see Karen Hughes dressed up as a sexy green alien; and Condi, ah, hell every damn day she dresses up as the Romulan Envoy to the Federation.

Simone: Wow, I had no idea.

Michael: Yes. And you should have seen Doug Feith. Every damn year we made him wear the red shirt. What a piece of work that guy is.

Simone: Um, Dad?

Michael: Yes, dear?

Simone: Do you think that this law school diploma and resume will pass for real?

Michael: Of course, my good friend Antonio Nucera said it was about the best work she'd ever seen done. Set me back $20 too. Why that's more than those Niger documents.

Simone: But I wanted it to be from Harvard, and instead it claims I graduated, um, "Summa Kinda Lotta" from Yale?

Michael: Trust me, the President went to Yale on occasion, like his father. Skull & Bones and all that stuff. It will count.

Simone: Yes, but I thought Yale was spelled "Y-A-L-E", and this one spells it "Y-A-I-L".

Michael: Believe me, Simone, Andy won't even notice.

Simone: And it says I was in "S-K-U-L" and "B-O-N-Z".

Michael: Relax, sweetheart, Andy Card is not exactly swift on the uptake.

Simone: And isn't Yale's symbol a "Bulldog"?

Michael: I don't really remember.

Simone: Because the watermark on my transcript and my diploma is each a different animal. On one, it looks like...a giraffe and on the other, um, I think that is a Dachshund.

Michael: Simone, you are worrying for nothing.

Secretary: Mr. Ledeen, Mr. Card will see you now.

Michael: Great, come on Simone.

(the Ledeens open the door and enter Card's office. Card stands up from behind his desk and Michael holds up his hand with his fingers together, except for a spread in the middle)

Michael: Andy, Live Long and Conquer!

(Andy smiles and does the same with his hand)

Andy: Michael, War and Long Strife!

(both laugh uproariously)

Coming up in "Evening with the Ledeens, Episode IV, "So you want to be a Supreme Court Justice?"

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