Monday, October 31, 2005

A Special Message to Judge Alito & Ernest T. Bass, ESQ

A fine brow beating from Athenae of which I am only going to quote my favorite part...

You know what I'd like? A law dictating that before a husband stuck his dick in his secretary, he had to notify his wife and ask permission. I'd like the state to mandate that before a guy told a woman he'd love her til death did them part and then dumped her while she was pregnant because the spark was just gone, he had to get her written okay. I'd like a law requiring the sick fuck who beats his wife to seek her permission before every blow. I'd like a law to force men who've forced women to bear 13 babies to just get it snipped at that point, because their wives are just downright exhausted.

Go read the rest of it, it is tremendous!

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