Thursday, October 27, 2005

Why things were BIGGER in my day...

Something tells me that during Watergate there was some old fart gumming out that the "current scandal is no Teapot Dome".

David Gergen, Mr. Beltway Insider, has been going about saying "oh this scandal is likely to be bad, but its not as bad as Watergate or Iran Contra even".

"NOW IN MY DAY, WE HAD SOME SCANDALS, "you should have seen Nixon hangin' out in panties and a coconut shell bra saying, 'Where's Gilligan? Where's my little Buddy. Sock it to meeeeeee?"

Now, I know that many of us progressive bloggers are hardly able to contain our figurative chubbies over the potential of what Fitzpatrick is doing (not to mention what it is doing to our nipples), but how the fuck does David Gergen know this isn't as bad as those scandals?

Watergate, as many people may forget did lead to a broader examination of some of Nixon's actions as Commander-in-Chief, most particularly the illegal bombing of Cambodia (you should have seen Kissinger's boner over that one!) along with violations of the privacy of war opponents (see, Daniel Elsberg); Iran-Contra had to do with a bizarre illegal act of funding central american counter-revolutionaries by selling weapons to islamic theocrats (boy that was a great idea huh?).

Well, the issue in this matter has to do directly with matters of National Security and War.

What could be bigger?

I guess to an old fart like Gergen who has not fear of being called to serve maybe that seems tangential.

Or perhaps Gergen cannot comprehend just how strategically disastrous this war decision has been -- and it is fucked up. The Iraq invasion is the most fucked up decision of the country's worst President since Warren Harding slipped himself into Nan Briton's honey pot and pronounced it the hight of normalcy. And it was all based on selling "loaded" intelligence to the populace.

For example, here is what the Wall Street Journal (that part untainted by the excrement scented fingers of James Taranto) reports:

It is expected that any indictments will be very detailed and discuss the involvement of other White House officials who aren't being charged. "In this case, an indictment could cause serious reputational damage to unindicted officials by describing their roles, criminal or not, in
what appears to have been an orchestrated effort to unfairly discredit Wilson in order to clear the way for an increasingly unpopular war," said former New York prosecutor David Pitofsky, now in private practice.

That's right, I just made a dirty sex joke that didn't involve the Clenis.

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