Saturday, October 29, 2005

It Ain't Over...

It's funny the bizarre triumphalism of yesterday from both sides of the coin.

First, as a member of the "Progresso-Sphere" there was an indictment -- and a very, very solid one. Read the indictment for yourselves...if this is prosecuted as charged Scooter is spending serious time in a pound-me-in-the-ass prison.

He told the same blatent lie to the Grand Jury, he told to investigators, and then got burned repeatedly by his witnesses. He's screwed. Pardon us if we think a little justice is caused for happiness.

Meanwhile on the right, their was joy it was just Scooter, and not for the original underlying crime.

But don't be too celebratory there, freepi. Andrew Sullivan is, I think, actually correct -- dashing my hopes of a snark-filled Saturday.
From the evidence we now have, it seems crystal clear to me that Libby knew he was out of line when he leaked the Plame name, and perjured himself to protect himself and the real source of the leak, Cheney. He gambled that the reporters wouldn't squeal; and that he could cleverly spin his phone conversations so that the information seemed to come from reporters, not him. The question now is whether he will now turn against his colleagues and master to save his own skin. This story is just beginning. Ultimately, it's about Cheney.

The pressure is now going to be on Scooter to sing, or look at jail. The only way he gets out of this is a pardon. And as craven as Bush is, he cannot survive a pardon in this case.

Sing Scooter Sing!

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