Thursday, October 27, 2005

Minutemen on the March

Seems as though the beginning of the debate being fomented by those on the far right on immigration is underway. I suppose we can all predict how many times "those people" or "illegal aliens" or other unflattering terms are going to be used. The scientific answer, of course, is a lot. I will avoid using such technical terms in the future, I promise.

Clearly, the anti-immigrant faction -- who remind me of isolationists -- are more truly concerned with some cultural (or racial?) idea about purity and we all know who those fellas are and what they are all really about.

There is some decent reporting but it is few and far between. There are two very interesting reports that you all should check out. Not just for the slant of the reporting but the content. Due to the volume of content associated with these two web sites I'm sending the links only.

This is a major package on the Minutement by CBS television news. The URL for this package includes multiple text and video content. It is here

USA Today has a major story on Minutement in the Pacific Northwest.

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