Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Shifting Blame

I had a case of Attaturk style insomnia this morning, well long enough to roll over and fall asleep again, but during that time turned on Imus for the first time in about a year to hear some guy named Craig Crawford talk to the cranky one. Crawford apparently is a reporter for Congressional Quarterly. I think I saw him on Hardball the other night where he struck me as one of these guys, kind of like Richard Cohen, that wants to seem above the fray. Only so many people can play Kinky Friedman, know what I mean?

Crawford was trying to sell some nonsense about how this whole question of indictments is just politics as usual, cyclical retribution, payback for Lewinsky and Ken Starr. Here is going to be the real challenge: to hold the collective feet of the MSM to the fire. While a Republican controlled congress drove the Starr investigation and the whole impeachment melodrama, the Fitzgerald investigation is not about politics. The Republicans have absolute control over Washington D.C.

Reveling in the misery of the Bush administration's messy diaper may be politics, it does have to be laundered--the diaper is cloth you know--but that doesn't make the investigation political.

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