Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The sound of one hand clapping

Alleged pundit, cum, Sumo wrestler K-Lo "oooooooh-pines" at the Intersection of IraqiNam Street & Charge of the Light Brigade Avenue:

The Today Show this morning is infuriating. They're all over the 2,000 mark. And report it as if 2,000 Americans have died for naught. THE IRAQIS RATIFIED THEIR DEMOCRATICALLY ADOPTED CONSTITUTION YESTERDAY. Should this not be part of the MSM's 2,000 stories on the 2,000th soldier? The media may not be, but the Iraqi people are thankful.

K-Lo, K-Lo, K-Lo, denial isn't just for Jonah responding to your advances anymore...

Forty-five percent of Iraqis believe attacks on U.S. and British troops are justified, according to a secret poll cited by The Sunday Telegraph and said to have been commissioned by British defense leaders.

Less than 1 percent of those polled believed that the forces were responsible for any improvement in security, according to poll figures.

Eighty-two percent of those polled said they "strongly opposed" the presence of the troops.

The newspaper said the poll, conducted in August by an Iraqi university research team, was commissioned by the British Ministry of Defence.

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