Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Breakin' the Law, Breakin' the Law

Alert the "Hangin' Judge" he claims to love so much:

Syndicated columnist Robert D. Novak was cited by police after he hit a pedestrian with his black Corvette in downtown Washington, D.C., Wednesday morning.

A Politico reporter saw Novak in the front of a police car with a citation in his hand; a WJLA-TV crew and reporter saw Novak as well. The pedestrian, a male in his 60s, was hospitalized at George Washington University Hospital with minor injuries according to the Metro Fire Department. Novak was later released by police and drove away from the scene.

“I didn’t know I hit him,” Novak told Politico...

Bono said the pedestrian, who was crossing the street on a "Walk" signal and was in the crosswalk, rolled off the windshield and then Novak made a right into the service lane of K Street. “The car is speeding away. What’s going through my mind is, you just can’t hit a pedestrian and drive away,” Bono said.

He chased Novak half a block down K St., finally caught up with him and then put his bike in front of the car to block him and called 911. Traffic immediately backed up, horns blared, and commuters finally went into reverse to allow Novak to pull over.

Bono said that throughout, Novak "keeps trying to get away. He keeps trying to go.” He said he vaguely recognized the longtime political reporter and columnist as a Washington celebrity but could not precisely place him.

He rolled off the windshield but Novak didn't know he hit a pedestrian?

I guess I should’ve known by the way U rolled over my windshield
that I should hit the gas
See, U're the pedestrian that crosses legally
But I am goin' fast
I guess I must be dumb cuz U had a pocket full of viagra
And my giant teeth we're unamused
But it was Wednesday still, I guess that makes you roadkill
And U say - "Ow, my hipbone is fused?"

And honey, I say Little black Corvette
Bobby, U're much 2 fast (Oh)
Little black Corvette
I need an alibi that's gonna last

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