Thursday, July 31, 2008


I have to admit the McCain celebrity ad is stupid from so many standpoints.

But it also falls into this vein. Republicans often decry the "Hollywood Celebrities" crowd.

But McCain calls himself a "proud footsoldier in the Ronald Reagan Army" -- when Reagan's main strength when he got into politics was his "celebrity". If Reagan hadn't been an actor in fluff Hollywood films, he never would have been governor of California and later President.

Oh, yeah, and how did the GOP push for Governor of California now -- many of whom work on McCain's staff?

Arnold Schwarzenegger. Again, his main claim to fame? Celebrity.

And, of course, what Republican didn't love Charleton Heston waiving a gun around?

Add to this, as I mentioned at Firedoglake (shameless plug) this morning, John McCain desperately wants to be a celebrity:

how many Senators trade in on their media-love affairs by appearing in "Wedding Crashers" AND "24"?

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