Friday, July 18, 2008

Mission - to have Phony Boloney Effort to Declare Pyrrhic Victory , trying to be -- Accomplished

This is the sort of thing calculated to make the David Gregorys and Mark Halperins of the world ejaculate on their keyboards ... all for no real purpose than to hide the fact that ultimately Obama and others have been right all along, it's just a matter of how much the media will let Bush and McCain lie about it:

In the area of security cooperation, the President and the Prime Minister agreed that improving conditions should allow for the agreements now under negotiation to include a general time horizon for meeting aspirational goals -- such as the resumption of Iraqi security control in their cities and provinces and the further reduction of U.S. combat forces from Iraq. The President and Prime Minister agreed that the goals would be based on continued improving conditions on the ground and not an arbitrary date for withdrawal.

It's a timetable without a timetable. Sounds like something that can start on a small scale in say...oh "OCTOBER?" and end in about 100 years.

This is what I would call a shit sandwich dipped in sprinkles.

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