Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Corruption you can believe in, "Pallin' around with Felons" edition...

From Rolling Stone, the Ted & Sarah show, circa Fall 2006:

Minute 3:39

Stevens: Hell, I don’t know if you know it but when Frank Murkowski was first elected this lady and I … traveled around the state for two weeks. We’ve known each other a long time. Worked together a long time.

Minute 4:12

Palin: I have great respect for the senator…. His voice, his experience, his passion needs to be heard across America. So that Alaska can contribute more. So that we can be producers. So that we can help lead the rest of the U.S. I, again, have great respect for him. There’s a big difference between reality and perception regarding our relationship.

D'oh, I have a feeling we're going to hear that last line the next seven "opposite" days.

Oh, how mavericky!

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