Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Thanks "Moran"

Drug-addicted, third-world sex shopper, Rush Limbaugh has given Barack Obama a special bonus gift.

The Colin Powell endorsement was probably going to dominate the Sunday and Monday news cycles anyway.

But thanks to Limbaugh and his laughable "race-based" endorsements meme it's going to last well into the middle of the week. Taking more "stunt" time away from Evel McFeeble.

So Powell's endorsement both reaffirms soft Obama supporters and turns off independents and soft McCain supporters as Powell's lament of the ugliness of the modern GOP suffers a self-inflicted dose of kerosene.

And just as it settles down, watch McCain and his surrogates roll out Reverend Wright attacks -- because they are so completely clueless.

Yes, attaching yourself to Rush Limbaugh and racists, there's a good way to win over independents in the home stretch.

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