Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Turn your head and cough, I brought ice cubes

Oh no, John McCain isn't like Bush at all. When taking the obvious statement of Joe Biden that a future President will face a test (and the unreported reply that Obama will show he "has steel in his spine") John McCain jumped erratically into the fray with his response. America's "enemies", whoever in the hell that is, will not test John McCain...

“I’m gonna test them,” Republican John McCain said at a campaign rally in New Mexico this morning. “They’re not gonna test me.”

Which is awesome of course, as we have all seen how well McThuselah has handled variances from his expected routine this fall. Sounds like more of that tremendously successful Bush policy McCain has loved so passionately until a week was left to election day?.

Maybe he'll send another carrier task force to intimidate 'Old Europe'?

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