Thursday, October 30, 2008


Obamathon, the Reckoning was a big hit in prime time:

The Obama-mercial was fairly highly rated across the three broadcast networks (CBS, Fox and NBC) in the early metered market numbers. Between the three networks it scored an impressive combined 17.8/29 (household rating/share).

If ABC truly hoped that by being only scripted programming on broadcast for 8:00pm-8:30p, it would help out Pushing Daisies, that plan went awry. My guess is ABC was more likely just looking to burn off an episode. Daisies scored a 4.2/7, pretty much the identical rating it had a week ago up (4.2/6). The good news is things didn’t get worse. But, unless there was a major up tick of 18-49 viewers, not getting worse won’t help any.

Looks like Pushing Daisies may soon literally be pushing daisies.

But seriously, are we sure that wasn't a McCain commercial?

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