Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I especially love #6

Top Ten Sarah Palin Excuses For Spending $150,000 On Clothes

10. "Need to look good for the Russians who can see me in Alaska"

9. "The old man spends more on Polident"

8. "Auditioning to be Paris Hilton's BFF"

7. "Wanted to impress the American voters in the evening gown competition"

6. "Maverick, Joe the plumber, maverick, maverick, William Ayers, you betcha!"

5. "I fell for the liberal retailers' 'gotcha sales tactics'"

4. "Because the dollar is so weak, it's really like I only spent $50,000"

3. "Hmm...excuses? I'll find some and I'll get right back to ya!"

2. "In addition to every newspaper and magazine, I also read every catalog"

1. "The difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull: lipstick, Prada shoes, a Gucci handbag, and a few $3,000 suits"

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