Friday, October 24, 2008

Meet Joe the Ghost Writer

John McCain isn't going to be President, so how about literary agent?

Via Keith Olbermann, who wouldn't get a seat on the McCain plane even if he wasn't a Daily Kos diarist:

This is from an unimpeachable source in the publishing industry, past whom very little in the field, gets. Good old all-American Joe, who has no motive whatsoever but keeping the electorate informed, who is the salt of the earth and the definition of America (now that Governor Palin isn't, any more) is hoping to cash in...

I suppose this shouldn't surprise anybody, especially given the cheesiness of the guy lying to Obama about the business that he wasn't trying to buy, even though he said it was, and isn't worth anywhere near $250,000 in business, even though he said it is. But one can assume, since they have been surprised by everything else, that the McCain Campaign is utterly stunned by this, and that Joe's usefulness is, uh, circling the drain.

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