Saturday, April 25, 2009


Cry me a fuckin' river Jay Bybee:

"I've heard him express regret at the contents of the memo," said a fellow legal scholar and longtime friend, who spoke on the condition of anonymity while offering remarks that might appear as "piling on." "I've heard him express regret that the memo was misused. I've heard him express regret at the lack of context -- of the enormous pressure and the enormous time pressure that he was under. And anyone would have regrets simply because of the notoriety."

I'm sure these concerns go into the myriad Summary Judgments and Dismissals he has rendered because a Plaintiff's Lawyer made a clerical mistake.

Jay Bybee, here's how you begin your public apology campaign:

"Mr. President,

I hereby resign from my position on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.


Jay Bybee"

Since Cheney likes TV so much, as discussed below, let me bring up a movie example.

Spencer Tracy still sent Burt Lancaster to jail in "Judgment at Nuremberg" even though the latter was all sorry and shit. Of course, he sent Werner Klemperer's "John Yoo" impersonator to prison too (but don't fret the Dick Cheney's of the 50s got them all out soon enough since they also hated commies).

Now, however, when a Jay Bybee gets a chance to be appointed to a lifetime job, they get confirmed easily. But you know the GOP would never have allowed a Spencer Tracy to be a judge, the guy cheated on his wife and shit.

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