Thursday, April 30, 2009

No fair dammit

Obama being all eloquent and shit without his telepromptoring!

When Obama answers a question, you don't slap your forehead and moan, "Oh, brother!" He is, as guest expert David Gergen noted on CNN after the news conference, not only "up to speed" on the pressing issues of our time but also articulate about addressing them in a friendly, accessible way. He's not the student who wears a button that says, "Smartest kid in class," but clearly he is, at least when surrounded by the White House press corps.


And oh, how the wingnuts hate it when you accurately use Churchill, the never ending inaccurately sourced "source" of their masturbatory fantasies.

And further more, meet Tom Shales, again, soon to be focus of the blathering storm of right-wingers at Memeorandum:

MSNBC showed its strengths -- at least two of them, anyway -- by going to ravaging Keith Olbermann and ravishing Rachel Maddow. Two smart people are a lot better than an arsenal of computerly contraptions.

And they "did it live".

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