Friday, April 17, 2009

Well, if Obama is doing an FDR

And waiting for the nation to "make him" do something, he managed to get Fred Hiatt on board to look around a minute...but then he JUMPS OFF as only a villager can:

That's why it remains imperative for the Obama administration and Congress to cooperate in the creation of an independent commission to investigate the treatment of foreign detainees at Guantanamo and other foreign detention sites since 2001. A commission could determine exactly what was done to senior al-Qaeda detainees; it could evaluate the claims of former vice president Richard B. Cheney and other defenders of tough interrogation techniques that such methods produced information that saved lives. It could identify who was responsible for ordering illegal acts -- even if, as President Obama has suggested, criminal prosecutions are not appropriate.

So Hiatt is open to the possibility of falling back in love with the torture.

And what's with the "Richard B. Cheney" was their some minimal word requirement?

If ever there's an appropriate time to say DICK Cheney it's over this. The torture memos released, essentially un-redacted, are amongst the most disgusting swill to ever come out of an American Administration. There's the "Trail of Tears"; "the Lecompton Constitution"; "The Palmer Raids"; "Executive Order 9066: Japanese Internment"; "Operation Menu: Let's Bomb Cambodia" and this.

I have to admit, torture prosecutions are at the same time the "right" thing to do while simultaneously being the worst minefield Obama could walk into to enable the "wanker" brigade. The media is hardwired for Republicans and their constant spew of bullshit stories ("who's a Muslim", "who bowed to who?", ("which white women is missing now?"), then you know what I mean.

One can only imagine how many Jack Nicholson in "A Few Good Men" impressions we'll get -- hell serial military service avoider Crashcart Cheney dreams of such a moment before his pacemaker goes full boil. Look at the Beauchamp Affair mentioned in the post below. How could the right-wing assholes have been any more discredited? Yet there will be NO repercussions because well, nobody but we "marginalized" lefty bloggers will even try to update the story to its full and predictable, yet ignored, conclusion.

Forever, to the people that at all followed the story Scott Beauchamp was a "liar" and his Sergeant Hatley a pristine model of the 'Murican fightin' Man' who when he wasn't killing terrorists wearing "Islamofacists Crescent Swastikas" was liberating al-Dachau.

What a disgusting mess we allowed ourselves to get into. The logic of this whole post is fucked up, and not in the way my posts normally are, its fucked up in the moral sewer of our times.

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