Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cinderella Stories

I work with a bunch of guys. Not just guys: GUY-guys. That is to say, old school, hard-drinking, ball-scratching, secretary-flirting (and yeah, that's what they call them), non-nuance-doing guys. It -- no they -- are a cliché. Throwbacks to a different time. A collective walking anachronism. But there you have it.

Late today I am headed up to the office of one of the aforementioned guy-guys for a meeting and from down the hall I see he and two colleagues (also guy-guys) crowded around his computer obviously fascinated by something. I immediately assume this is porn or industry gossip or one of those accidental "reply to all" emails that's going to wind up blasting all over the internets and ruining someone's life within a day and a half.

But as I got closer I heard what was engrossing these guys before I saw it. And as I entered the office I saw that they were all beaming. And when it was over, there was nary a nasty or cynical or even remotely negative comment from any of them. In fact, it was quite the opposite.

And what were these guy-guys all wrapped up in?


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