Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bullshitting about Torture for Fun & Profit

This is disgusting:

December 2007, waterboarding is awesome:

Mr. Zubaydah started to cooperate after being waterboarded for “probably 30, 35 seconds,” Mr. Kiriakou told the ABC reporter Brian Ross. “From that day on he answered every question.”

It worked "so well" they did it 82 more times. In other words, complete lie -- COMPLETE DEMONSTRABLE LIE. Nevertheless, from Limbaugh to Pantload they were all spouting this nonsense, still are. Mr. Kiriakou was soon everywhere proclaiming the ol' waterboard had prevent many attacks. So you know what's coming next:

During the heated debate in 2007 over the use of waterboarding and other techniques, Mr. Kiriakou’s comments quickly ricocheted around the media. But lost in much of the coverage was the fact that Mr. Kiriakou had no firsthand knowledge of the waterboarding: He was not actually in the secret prison in Thailand where Mr. Zubaydah had been interrogated but in the C.I.A. headquarters in Northern Virginia. He learned about it only by reading accounts from the field.

And finally, the kicker:

Mr. Kiriakou was later hired by ABC to provide commentary on terrorism cases

Time for a round of "Proud to be an American" isn't it?

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