Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Not that I have my finger on pop-culture or anything

But I have a Facebook page that I put together for some reason, and I share -- to some extent the Twitter page with DeDurkheim (he puts up about, oh 90% plus of those, I'm responsible for the occasional non-lucid tweet).

I have to say, the Facebook page is more of a pain in the ass than anything. Other than accepting "friendships" from dozens of people or more on the rare occasions I visit, being taken hostage, given virtual posies, and other annoying events I have no idea what the fuck point it has.

So if you are recommending stuff to me on Facebook, or taking me hostage, don't take my infrequent responses personally, it's just that I really, truly, wish I had not bothered and couldn't give a shit.

Now the Twitter-thing seems to serve the whole Zeitgeist element of Facebook without being a pain in the ass, I can appreciate that.


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