Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"The Post's left-leaning editorial page"

Ah, the above is what passes for the wit and wisdom of Howard Kurtz. Washington Post's village meme-enforcer and Michelle Malkin's enabler. And with the hiring of Bush torturer lover Marc Thiessen his words are as accurate as ever.

But the new hires are one thing, it is in the long-standing columnists of the Post that you truly find "liberal" in full-flower. And the "liberal" consensus is "let's get us another war on!"

Anne Applebaum realizes that Obama is just not going to start another war with Iran for all manner of really logical reasons -- so we'll just let those crazy Israeli's get us into it with the crazier Iranians.

I do not think Obama would restore the fortunes of his presidency by bombing Iran, like a character out of that movie "Wag the Dog." But I do hope that this administration is ready, militarily and psychologically, not for a war of choice but for an unwanted war of necessity.

Wahoo! Wolverines and shit!

At the same time, America's Concern Troll will not be out-trolled!

It may be time for Barack Obama, ever the soul of moderation, to borrow a tactic from Richard Nixon and fight crazy with crazy. The way things are going, it would be crazy not to.

Yes, it's finally come to that, Richard Cohen channeling Peggy Noonan's phrasing.

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