Monday, February 22, 2010

Words to live by

With the Olympics presently going on, if you don't know by now, you'll certainly hear at least a dozen times starting here, that today is the 30th Anniversary of the "Miracle on Ice". On February 22, 1980, to hear Glenn Beck tell it, a flock of young Republicans, pictured here, overthrew Jimmy Carter, "history's greatest monster" [and maybe that's the way Al Michaels would tell it now too].

In actuality, of course, it was the defeat of the Soviet hockey team -- truly a world power -- by a young American team coached by Herb Brooks -- America, at that time, being a small and plucky country of no prior consequence -- at least that's what Glenn Beck tells me.

Brooks had many sayings -- like most great coaches -- a pertinent one he made as his team, having beaten Soviets, were on the verge of blowing the gold medal by falling behind Finland. It has resonance to the Obama Administration and the Democrats to a variety of things, but mostly health care reform:

"If you lose this game, you will take it to your fucking grave….YOUR FUCKING GRAVE!"

Do you believe in political miracles?

Eh, probably not.

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