Monday, February 20, 2012


A more than fair question: Where were the bishops when Troy Davis died?
The Catholic Church officially opposes capital punishment. This doctrine is in the same vein as those opposing abortion, birth control, and physician-assisted suicide: church doctrine dictates that life begins at conception and is a gift from God. Consequently, it is beyond the scope of any soul, no matter how high the earthly authority, to terminate a human life. It does not matter if it is legal, and it does not matter if the rationale is to relieve suffering: the taking of life is God's department, not ours. Yet in the middle of September, as opposition to the impending execution of Troy Davis reached a fever pitch and a singular opportunity presented itself for the Church to not just call for an act of mercy, but support a key element of doctrine, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops was silent as the grave.
Of course, they also made themselves somewhat scarce during times when illegal wars are launched and expanded health care rights are debated...also issues concern via the Church's doctrine. But OH MY GAWD SOMEBODY BOUGHT A CONDOM or IS ON THE PILL, those old guys who aren't supposed to have sex are totally on that one and screaming as loud as they can.


jimmiraybob said...

The first and only thing to keep in mind about the institutional Church, its #1 and highest and singular rule ever and always, is to increase authority & control in the world - both through the secular authorities and the Church institutions. A free mind is the mind of the devil. Unowned property can't turn a profit.

Its #2 rule ever and always is to wrestle as much authority for itself as possible and will easily turn a blind eye to atrocity if it might mean losing any amount of power.

Its #3 rule ever and always: if a power grab fails do everything shy of selling the Virgin Mary's soul to recover. Then go to rules #1 & #2.

Then, on the local level, peace and Jesus.

Not trying to be malicious just laying out the model.

pansypoo said...

wait til they ban euthanasia for pets.