Saturday, February 11, 2012

Not to be too ironic about it

But Santorum is really coming up on Romney from behind:

If Romney loses one of his adopted states -- well, he's in it deep.

And again, there is no double-entendre too hard with Santorum... ...see?


StonyPillow said...

It's tough to herd pigs without dogs. Give Restore Our Failure credit -- he's penned just about all of 'em.

Frothy's under contract to immolate himself before Super Tuesday, and K-Lo will start singing.

Unknown said...

Santorum's used to running from behind. Sorry, I apologize in advance.

pansypoo said...

more signs god is helping the left.

Anonymous said...

My predictions: Romney will squeeze out Santorum in the end. Sure, things will get dirty and there will be lots of smears. But Rick's campaign is coming to a head. As much as he'd hoped to widen the crack between him and Romney, things have remained frustratingly tight. Rick will eventually run out of stamina and have to pull out. We'll see Santorum in dribs and drabs on the media over the next few years--big spots on Fox News, for sure--but he won't be back until Google ceases its North American operations.