Sunday, February 12, 2012

There's a word most college students know for College Republicans...

And that word is "Douchebags".

For example.

"I don't think my dad would let me move back home," said a male student from Catholic University.

"Oh, mine either," said his friend. "He'd say, 'Oh, that's why you went to school.' But I'll absolutely have a plan senior year. I want to do lobbying."

"I'm going to go to grad school," said another.

A single student admitted to having lived in the basement at his parents' house in high school. "The basement was very nice, though," he assured me. "It was very comfortable."

Rebecca, the only senior in the Palm Beach Atlantic group, said she would go back home after graduation—but not to a basement. She would definitely not be living in a basement.

"I'm from Orlando, so I'm gonna go back to Orlando," she explained. "My major's marketing, so I'd like to work in advertising with my dad, either with the Disney cruise line or Universal Studios.

"He has work connections," she added.
Rebecca will get back to you though, she has to attend the seminar on the evils of 'affirmative action' right now.


JD said...

They are dumbasses. Here's some swell pics of the Smith College Republicans meeting Meggs MkKKain. Christ, she's big as a whale:!/media/set/?set=a.149922849431.112285.141822794431&type=3

Anonymous said...

"Only a single Young Person, a student at Hofstra, said he actually planned on moving home after college. He was not ashamed. "I'm definitely living in my parents' basement," he said. "Why not? You save money."

Now that little phucker is a Republican!!! (I wonder if he likes Cheetos?)

pansypoo said...

who needs bootstraps, when you have daddy.

smitty werbenmanjensen said...

"I want to get into lobbying."

There. You have finally found somebody who simply has no soul.