Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Oh lord

This is just pathetic:
A panel of conservative religious leaders assembled by Fox News host Sean Hannity Friday night had increasingly apocalyptic responses to President Obama’s new contraception policy, saying they were eager to go to jail or even die before violating their conscious by providing birth control to women. Rich Land of the Southern Baptist Convention hit the two poles of overly emphatic rhetoric in one breath, first invoking the Holocaust by reciting Martin Niemöller famous poem “First they came…,”
Yes, which is why one needs birth control.

Although seeing a panel comprised of Rich Land, Bill Donohue, and Rick Warren pretend they'll give their lives over a law that already exists in most of their states of residence is rather hilarious...not to mention just seeing them and Hannity certainly killed a lot of moods just before Valentine's Day.

Once again, the ability of religious males to lie (and look at the picture at the first link it is ALL middle-aged to old men) is a far far lesser sin than letting ladies control their lady parts. I didn't know an explicitly listed COMMANDMENT took precedence over unsourced appendices -- but there you go.


Privatize the Profits! Socialize the Costs! said...

Shorter "religion"--- men should be in charge of women.

Sorry, ladies, don't blame me!

That's just the way God wants it.

Anonymous said...

saying they were eager to go to jail or even die before violating their conscious by providing birth control to women.

Now, THAT'S what I call "win-win"!

However, these assholes are about as likely to die or go to jail for their beliefs as they were to sign up for Junior's Iraq Adventure, which they all feverishly supported...

Anonymous said...

The correct word is "conscience", not "conscious". (Not that defenders of pederasts have any.)

Damn that 'libural' media!

jimmiraybob said...

When a Fox Teavangelical pledges their life in support of a cause it petty much means that they're ready to bully lawmakers into getting someone else to actually sacrifice.



Grung_e_Gene said...

Listen Up women! Old Men are talking on Faux!

Anonymous said...

Rick Warren

I will never understand why Obama invited this smarmy douchebag to participate in his inauguration. He's as big an authoritarian idologue as the others, just with a slicker facade.

JDM said...

I think pacifists should get a war discount on their taxes now that the Bishops got this deal from O'Blowme.

Anonymous said...

It's official Catholic doctrine that civilian authorities are not to be informed about child-molesting priests ! Is that also covered by freedom of religion ?

pansypoo said...

hell, i am hoping for a pandemic. and all those anti-immunization knuckleheads, good job.