Thursday, February 16, 2012

How Republican Darrell Issa runs a hearing on contraception

Those allowed to testify today make up the tables and immediately behind, the rest of the room is made up of those NOT ALLOWED to testify.

Notice any particular "gender" difference?


Anonymous said...

Gosh! Lookit all those responsible, upright, moral leaders!

Bad Art said...

They're all especially qualified to comment on this topic. They all look like dickheads.

sukabi said...

time to treat the assholes to some serious douchebaggery... how about the female contingent do a very public, very publicized theater piece on the perils of supplying men with "FREE" (covered by insurance and taxpayer dollars) ED medications ... have 'experts' explain how the ability to function causes some dicks to go on 'rape rampages', father children that will be left unclaimed and unwanted, and will induce the 'fathers' to pay hush money for ABORTIONS...

and have a panel geared toward teaching and enforcing abstinence in men until marriage...

pansypoo said...

i suggest that darryl has abstinence practiced on him.

Zarcuz Ortiz said...

i suggest that darryl has abstinence practiced on him.

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