Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It's like a bad sandwich that won't stay down

There's another GOP debate tomorrow. And it just seems like we are a few weeks removed from having them every other day.

Bad times.


Montag said...

For people who have lives, these debates are like having teeth pulled with rusty pliers, but, I've got to hand it to the GOP handlers--they've figured out that this sort of continuous exposure of the candidates gets people talking, and keeps them talking, generates lots and lots of buzz, and if the national conversation does drift to Obama, it's almost always about the image of him as reflected in the remarks of the GOP's candidates.

Yeah, by the time the GOP convention rolls around, most people will be ready to upchuck at the sight of Santorum, or Romney, or Newticles (well, in his case, that's pretty much all the time), but, the true believers will be absolutely white hot and screaming for Obama's head, and that gets carried into the post-primary season.

The candidates may be feebs, but the powers that be are not.

pansypoo said...

more snippets for obama campaign commercials.