Sunday, February 12, 2012

So, look in the mirror much?

Today's Tom Friedman lecture "for the ages":
"Watching the Republican Party struggling to agree on a presidential candidate, one wonders whether the G.O.P. shouldn't just sit this election out -- just give 2012 a pass."
Aren't they pretty much doing that already?

And now the balls...

...maybe the best thing would be for it to get crushed in this election and forced into a fundamental rethink
Why would being plainly, spectacularly WRONG force them to do that...did "Suck on this" do anything other than get you a raise? It certainly did not force a fundamental rethink about of Tom Friedman.


StonyPillow said...

1.47 Friedman Units 'till the election.

JDM said...

Milt Romnii/Dick Sanatorum 2012
Milts In Ur Mouth

Raoul Paste said...

Contrition? Nah, Friedman has to keep up appearances.

But his portrait on the wall keeps changing for the worse.

jimmiraybob said...

I suspect that I must be driving a cab in my sleep. He's stolen my exact comments from the 2008 and 2010 elections. But, as I've realized, they have no individual or collective conscience. Besides, the mission is to destroy government, not govern. Duh.

pansypoo said...

every loss, mean digging in their heels + going farther rite.