Friday, February 17, 2012

Has David Brooks ever been to a sporting event?

I mean what a cretinous idiot -- or more realistically, craven liar:
Jeremy Lin is anomalous in all sorts of ways. He’s a Harvard grad in the N.B.A., an Asian-American man in professional sports. But we shouldn’t neglect the biggest anomaly. He’s a religious person in professional sports.

Perhaps Bobo just thinks black (or Canadian) religious people don't count?

Ta-Nehisi Coates has been deconstructing the stupidity all morning.


kth said...

For someone of Brooks' predisposition to have forgotten the Tebow phenomenon (or, more alarming still, never to have heard of it) possibly tops the Applebee's salad bar howler.

Anonymous said...

But to Xtian wingnuts, the novelty and attention that Tebow receives only indicates how persecuted and alone they are, out in the wilderness among the heathens.

And they'll continue to claim persecuted minority status until all the players and the entire stadium is bowing in prayer to Republican Jesus before, during and after every game. At which point when they can no longer play victim, they'll start hyperventilating on the "threat" from "Islamofascists".

pansypoo said...

anomoly?has he sen end zones lately?

StonyPillow said...

Lindeed, the Knicks' linertia and linferior performance last night won't linterrupt Brooks' lintentions.

Grung_e_Gene said...

When the Bears blew the game to the Denver Tebows last year I noted in the game there already was a player who'd been in the league for 5 years who makes a big demonstrative show of faith, Devin Hester touches his feet, legs, shoulders and points skyward in order to get god's protection, "I just tell god to watch over me from the toes on my feet to the head of my crown."

But, Hester is a different shade of christian so he doesn't count to Right-Wingers.