Saturday, January 13, 2007


I see some of the now "critical" talking heads on television saying that Bush is going to be forced into things if the "escalation" doesn't work.

I seem to have heard this a couple times in November too. First, after the election and second, after the "intervention" I mean the Iraq Study Group recommendations.

But that hasn't happened.

Nor has the course changed even after it is clear the public is overwhelmingly against this path.

The fact is that the messianic streak that Bush has always had -- the same streak as many of his enablers -- is only going to become stronger as opposition to his policies grows. That is the opposite of rationality.

Bush is the worst type of person to be given power, short of a genocidal maniac (and even I won't call him that). He is a sociopath with a messiah complex and the country will either have to wrench power from his hands and neuter him (as they are trying to do) or watch the conflagration Bush has lit grow worse.

We are on a dangerous ride and the driver is deranged.

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